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Zansha Industries expects all users to use the Z-S Overview[1]. This ensures that all members of Zansha, whether in a fleet or not, will have the same overview Appearance (colortags and backgrounds). It is important that you set up this overview shortly after joining, even if you do not intend to use the character for combat.

Installing the Z-S Overview

Follow the steps below to install the Z-S Overview

Resetting Your Previous Overview Settings

How to reset your overview settings.
  1. Click the Hamburger Menu
  2. Click "Open Overview Settings"
  3. Click "Reset All Overview Settings"
  4. Click "Yes"

Joining the Z-S Overview In-Game Channel

How to join the Z-S Overview in-game Channel
  1. Click the "Channel Window" icon
  2. Type "Z-S Overview" in the search box
  3. Click "Join"

Loading the Z-S Overview

The Z-S Overview Combat tab.

The Z-S Overview allows you to load just the modules you need. Zansha recommends the following at a minimum.

  • Core
  • PvE Extended
  • PvP Basic
  1. To install, Click on each of the overview packs that you wish to install.
  2. Once complete, select one layout. Zansha recommends the first one "Standard 2BL"


  1. https://github.com/Arziel1992/Z-S-Overview-Pack