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This page is undergo heavy construction
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First of all, let me congratulate you on joining Zansha, and welcome you to the corp.

Here is the survival kit for getting through the hassle and enjoy your life as a Zansha in Brave Space.

Surviving Null Sec

  • Setting up Core Service
  • Slack - Best place to get answers
  • Comms - Why type when you can talk ?
  • Getting to Brave Space
  • Setting up Over view
  • Corp and Alliance Latest Info

Brave Space Info

Editor Alert
Bulbgraph.png For Sensitive Information, please use forum link / private brave wiki link to avoid leak of opsec
Reader Alert
Bulbgraph.png If Any Information listed are outdated, please contact us in #zansha-industries in slack

Latest News


Monthly Meeting Additional Info

Brave Space Info

Life as a Zansha

While last chapter regarding how to survive in Brave space, sooner or later you will lose ship and hurt your wallet, Staying Isk positive is the best way to keep you flying around, never beats that Isk rolling faster than your ship explosives.

As a Zansha, we have many options to earn our upkeep and prosperous.


Material Acquisition

PI Program

Zansha PI Program


Tarkrion Reprocessing Service

Mineral Sell

Rihan's 100% Jita Sell (Non ZI Bros)







Non-Industrial Activities

Mining Fleet



Help the Corp

  • Ministry of Recruitment
  • Ministry of Truth (Propaganda)
  • Ministry of Education (Wiki Team)
  • Ministry of Unknown (Worm Hole Space)

Additional Resources

Alliance Services

Dojo Programs

Dojo Alliance Support Program

BLT Jump Freighter Program

Jump Freighter Calculator

TXI (Aka Toto High Sec Shipping)

Trinity X Industries

Official Service Link in Forum

Corp Services

Zansha Buyback

Buyback Description Zansha Buyback Tools

Build-to-order Program


Zansha PI Program

| Price List

| Express Request

| Advanced Request Form

Zansha BPC Program

Zansha Only
Bulbgraph.png Zansha BPC Program only open for Zansha Members at the moment


Zansha Individual Run Programs